About abortions and Pontius Pilate


Мы пуб­ли­ку­ем англий­ский пере­вод выдер­жек из ста­тьи наше­го укра­ин­ско­го коор­ди­на­то­ра Ната­лии Яро­шен­ко “Об абор­тах и Пон­тии Пила­те”. 

Christ said, “Woe to him who offends one of these little ones …”

Who is more defenseless than children in the womb?

They cannot tell us that they wish to live, but their blood cries to heaven. And we pass by the clinics, where every day there are terrible murders. We know about this – but we have no time to fight against abortions – we’ll glue up a poster, draw graffiti on the asphalt, bring brochures into a clinic, gather signatures against abortion, write an article which people will read …

We pass by – we hurry on our own business, to our own children, whom we have not killed – and our conscience sleeps – it does not cry out to us with the voices of the unborn children, but is quiet …

We are Orthodox – we do not kill children. Fight against abortion? Why? Those are sinners who are killing them, but we and our children will not kill … We wash our hands.

Natalya Yaroshenko, country lead Ukraine,  “Life Warriors” international pro-life movement.

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