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Despite a complete ban on advertising of medical services for abortion implemented in Russia on January 1, 2014, there are proven instances of such advertisements in the Google search engine on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Federal Antimonopoly Office received a complaint, as a result of which advertising…

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борьба с абортами

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Ireland in the Russian Federation Philip McDonagh Your Excellency! We, the participants in the international festival of social technologies in defense of family values “for life”, as well as the residents of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Serbia, with great…

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https: mail.google.com mail u 0 images cleardot - About abortions and Pontius Pilate

Мы пуб­ли­ку­ем англий­ский пере­вод выдер­жек из ста­тьи наше­го укра­ин­ско­го коор­ди­на­то­ра Ната­лии Яро­шен­ко “Об абор­тах и Пон­тии Пила­те”.  Christ said, “Woe to him who offends one of these little ones …”

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Кон­стан­ти­нов­ская кам­па­ния (инфор­ма­ция на англий­ском язы­ке) NEW YORK, NY, May 28, 2012 – On June 1st, the international anti-abortion movement “Warriors of Life” will conduct a public campaign aimed at prohibition of abortions in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Poland, Canada. Campaign will include picketing of the United Nations Headquarters in New…

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